Friday, July 11, 2008

PS techique..I learned..!!!


1.after drawing the figure..
2. filled the plain patches,
3. done shade and lighting,
4/5. on separate layer, filled dark patch with 'dissolve' BRUSH on FUR part (and outline also)..
6/7. smudged that layer(30 % tranperency) as the flow of FUR,
8. gave finishing touch..!


vikram said...

Ohh!!!! Nice fur effect..... Did you use noise also?
Keep posting.

Gulzar said...

wah! wah! janaab sahi hai! sahi hai!

tu dagadz hai!( you rocks)


keep em coming!
love your work!

shishir naik said...

Nice technique and nice result,well done sir!

Noor Mohammed said...

Hey... You are really mathemagician.Nicetechnic...!!!